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Valve life

From:Net   Date:2012-3-5


Life of the valve

As the valve wide range of applications, the use of medium range of corrosion varies, so from national standards to industry standards make no provision for the life of the valve, Ministry of Machinery Industry in 1980 in order to improve the mechanical quality of industrial products and in line with national quality product appraisal, developed a "valve industry product quality grading regulations" in which the valve, closing Laval's first-class products, superior product provides life test requirements; such as Dn ≤ 200 ~ 400 high pressure valves grade scratch Views 2000 times, superior product is 4000 times.

There are two kinds of foreign valve life representation: one life, one is the switching frequency representation.

Because nuclear power plants are unique, the service life of valves for nuclear power countries have done a requirement; nuclear industry is the use of the useful life of valves, said the general life of 30 to 40 years, the United States, Germany, nuclear power valves guarantee 40 years, United Kingdom 30 years. Japan 30 to 40 years.

General valve life by switching times said that as the difference between the conditions of use, testing methods, switching times are not necessarily illustrate valve life. Only the same working conditions, use or test methods are the same, the switch more often or use a long time can be considered long life.

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