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Rising stem gate valves and clear shot valve distinction

From:Net   Date:2011-6-3

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Valve stem according to the structure can be divided into:

1, Ming rod valve: the valve stem nut cover or bracket, opening and closing gate when rotating stem stem nut to achieve lift. This structure enabling the valve stem lubrication, the closing level of clear, so it is widely used.

2, dark rod valve: the valve stem nut body in direct contact with the media. Opening and closing gate when the rotary valve stem to achieve. The advantage of this structure are: the total height of the gate valve remain unchanged, so a small installation space, suitable space on the installation of large diameter or restricted valve. Such structure should be equipped with on-off indicator to indicate the degree of opening and closing. The disadvantage of this structure is: not only can not lubricate the valve stem threads, but also directly accept the medium erosion, easily damaged.

Clear shot valve and the main difference between dark bar gate:

1, the dark bar to enhance the screw flange valve only moves up and down without rotation, a rod is exposed, the nut is fixed to the shutter, through the rotation of the screw to enhance the gate, no visible door frame ; Ming flange valve stem is exposed to enhance the screw, nut and close the hand wheel is fixed (non-rotating axial movement nor), by rotating the screw to improve the shutter, the screw and the shutter only relative rotational movement of the no relative axial displacement, the appearance of a gate-shaped bracket.

2, dark bar valve invisible screw, while the next could see the screw rod.

3, dark bar steering wheel with the valve stem when the switch is connected together relatively immobile, it is through the stem at a fixed point of rotation to drive the valve upward and down to complete the opening and closing of the gate. Rising stem valve is threaded through the stem and the steering gear to raise or lower the valve. Simple point is that the next shot is a valve attached to the valve stem moves up and down together, the steering wheel is always at a fixed point.


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